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    Icon & Identity Development

    Design of icons and identities for iOS, OS X, and the web.

Icon, Identity, and Interface Design

The first thing your guests will see when they use your app is your icon, so it helps to make a great first impression. Let us help them feel welcome.

We love creating icons. Pushing pixels into place has never been so much fun.

What we’ve designed, developed, and delivered...

Here are some of the icons, identities, and interfaces that we’ve been working on.

  • Smoovie

    A star is born! Icons, identity, and interface artwork for Open Planet’s stop motion animation app for iOS and OS X.

    ClientOpen Planet

  • Pcalc

    App icon for OS X version of Pcalc.

    ClientTLA System

  • Viewfinder

    App icon for iOS and OS X app to help you find great images on Flickr.


  • Eucalyptus

    20,000 classic books in the palm of your hand; iOS app icon design.

  • Booxter

    Track your collections of books, music, movies, and comics; OS X icon design.

    ClientDeep Prose

  • VueScan

    App icon for the most-compatible software scanner software around.

  • Trapeze

    Travel with ease with Trapeze; iOS app icon and interface design.

  • Linguap

    Learn Chinese with Linguap; iOS app icon and interface design.

  • 100FreePlaces

    100 free places to visit in the UK, with a great interface and iOS app icon.

  • p2tp

    Interface and app icon design for the app to accompany this cult classic.

    ClientCyclops Productions Ltd.

  • Toiluxe

    Interface and app icon design for the best way to find a posh toilet in London.

  • Blue Plaques

    Interface and app icon design for this guide to the Blue Plaques in the UK.

  • Shanghai Metro

    The quickest way to get from A to Z, well, if you're in Shanghai.

  • Virtual Lab

    Icon design and illustrative artwork for Westminster University's virtual laboratory

How we can help you…

Hopefully we’ve inspired you with some of the icons and identities we’ve designed, developed, and delivered—so how can we best help you?

  • Design
  • Develop
  • Deliver
Design, Develop, and Deliver

We can help at all stages from conceptual sketches, to visuals, to the finished icon. We iterate on the design of icons, identities, and interface to get the best possible result.

  • Discuss
  • Train
  • Support
Discuss, Train, Support

We’re always happy to discuss the design of development of innovative interfaces.

Get in touch…

To discuss design of icons, identities, or interfaces, email david@pyrusmalus.com

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